The Rosehip Specialists™ Pte Ltd prides itself on the heritage and integrity of the Rose-Hip Vital® products, which offer Arthritis sufferers a 100% natural alternative for the relief of the symptoms of pain associated with Arthritis, and which is backed by over 30 unique scientific studies including double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Rose-Hip Vital® is the only joint health supplement in Singapore which tests for the patented compound GOPO®.

The Rosehip Specialists™ Pte Ltd is committed to supporting those suffering from the pain of Arthritis by offering a proven product which helps improve their quality of life, is easy to take and which delivers on its promise.

Below are links to all the scientific data that relates specifically to the Rose-Hip Vital® patented Rosehip powder and does not relate to generic rosehip.

Scientific Journals on Rose-Hip Vital®

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Over-the-counter options for osteoarthritis joint pain, reviewing the latest evidence. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) United Kingdom.

28 Mar 2017

Rose hip powder that contains the natural amount of shells and seeds alleviates pain in osteoarthritis in the dominant hand – a randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled, cross-over clinical trial.

04 Jul 2013

Australian Family Physician: Rosehip – An evidence based herbal medicine for inflammation and arthritis.

05 Jul 2012

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03 Nov 2011

Certificate of Origin

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24 Sep 2009

Abstract A herbal remedy made from RHV improves daily

26 Feb 2009

Can a powder made from subtypes of rose hip act structure modifying in Osteoarthritis

25 Feb 2009

Anti Inflammatory and Chondro protective effects of Rose hip powder and its consitituent galactolipid GOPO

24 Sep 2008

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The Glactolipid GOPO mediates beneficial Effects of Rosehip on Arthritis

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Powder prepared from seeds and shells of a sub type of Rosa canina Litozin

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29 Sep 2004

Hyben Vital Reduces Pain Stiffnes and inflammatory markers and improves well being in patients suffering from Osteoarthritis

24 May 2004

Impact of a Standardised Powder Crohns Ulcerative Colitis

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A Herbal Remedy Hyben Vital stand powder of a subspecies of rosa canina fruits reduces pain

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Anti inflammatory Galactolipid from Rose Hip that inhibits Chemotaxis

12 Feb 2003

Danish Institute Agricultural Sciences Case Study

10 Feb 2003

Support information 6 pages ASP 2003

01 Jan 2003

Herbal Remedy Hyben Vital Reduces consumption of Paracetamol in middle aged women

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Hyben Vital Herbal Remedy reduces pain stiffness in the hip

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Rose hip inhibits chemotaxis and chemiluminnescence of human neutrophils in vitro

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Abstract Form Cell Preserving and anti inflammatory of property

12 Sep 1997