My mother in law is 73 years old and has been suffering from joint problems for more than 10 years. She tried many different Glucosamine brands which provide minor relief for the pain. She has joint pain on the knee area, below the spine, backbone area.

We came to know to know about Rose Hip Vital® through the Strait Times advertisement and was curious about the effectiveness of it since we have not heard of it before. I persuaded her to give it a try rather than changing new brands of Glucosamine as suggested by the sales promoter at Guardian.

My mother in law took 2 tablets initially and found that it relieved her pain after one hour of taking it. She consumes 4 tablets daily and it relieves her pain throughout the day and she has a better sleep at night, and i would strongly recommend people who have not tried Rose Hip Vital® to give it a try and forget about all your artificial painkillers which have side effects for the body.
Malou Teo
My mum is 64 and was suffering from arthritis in her elbows. She had been taking glucosamine for a few years but it only reduced the pain in her joints slightly.

Rose-Hip Vital® took effect for her in about 2-3 weeks and she is now pain free.
Jordan Xiao
Property Manager
I am 71 years old and have suffered from back lumbar and knee pains for the last 10 years. I also had developed gout pains in the last 3 years. My remedy was always prescription pain killers.

A friend recommended glucosamine, I bought a special offer 4 bottles for $100, it did not work for me.

About 4 months ago another friend recommended Rose-Hip Vital®. She said it is not a glucosamine but a Danish anti-inflammatory supplement which will stop the pain, even for gout. I was truly doubtful after my negative experiences with glucosamine. She insisted and bought me a bottle.

Wow! Within 3-4 weeks, the pain was gone and I bought two bottles in the pharmacies. Rose-Hip Vital® really works. My gout pains have also subsided and my large toe swelling has disappeared.
Hertzel Lelah
I have very severe gout pains in my wrists and ankles. I am a professional musician and the elbow gout pains are really excruciating pain when I have work in the evenings.

I tried anti inflammatory gels, pain killers and even taken steroid injections. There is no permanent solution except to remedy the pain when it comes.

I read on the Rose-Hip Vital® website that Rose-Hip Vital® works for gout. I bought a bottle and tried it for a month. It was OK, I bought a second bottle and now the pain is gone!

It took 4 weeks for the anti-inflammatory Rose-Hip Vital® supplement to work and ever since I have taken it daily and have no gout pains for 6 months already.

I was very naughty, started to eat steaks again and was surprised my gout did not flare up. I will moderate the steaks, but not Rose-Hip Vital® which I am now taking every day and my musician days are gout free.
Zul Tania
Professional Musician
I am now 59 years old and was very disappointed when I developed arthritic pains in my knees and had to give up my golf weekend as I could not bend my knees for a good swing. I was at a dinner at the Cricket Club when a friend of a friend said try Rose-Hip Vital®.

I was reluctant as I was already weekly visiting my chiropractor and taking glucosamine. After a week, I met the lady again and she passed me a bottle of 150 caps Rose-Hip Vital®.

Wow she was right, in 4 weeks, my knee pains were 80% reduced and I am back on the golf, slowly but it is a good start again.

I am now on my 4th bottle of Rose-Hip Vital®. Each bottle after the initial dosage can last for 60 days and is a worthwhile product to be pain free.
Ex Remisier
My husband no longer has hip & lower lumbar pain after taking Rose-Hip Vital® for 3 weeks, thereby allowing himself to be able to walk long distances pain free & sleep throughout the night without discomfort.

In order to stand from a seated position, he needed to hunch himself & grimaced in pain. Now he stands upright immediately.
Maree Joseph
Business Administrator
I have been diagnosed by MRI to have Spondylosis (degeneration of back bone cartilage) of the 4th and 5th lumbar and have to take pain killers twice a week when the pains is excruciating. I had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning to alleviate the pains.

Since taking Rose-Hip Vital®, my pains are now 80% reduced and sleep better with no need for pain killers. Thank you Rose-Hip Vital®!
David Lee
64 years old, Singapore Businessman
I have suffered from joint pains for years with no relief even after pain killers, glucosamine, Omega -3 and after many visits to doctors and therapists I am resigned to the fact this is how I will live my life, always in pain. Over dinner, a friend recommended Rose-Hip Vital® and gave me a bottle.

Rose-Hip Vital® is very effective, within 7 days I was hopping and skipping again, literally alive again and I cannot believe this is ever possible. But I have to be careful and not exert myself. I am so happy to have discovered Rose-Hip Vital.
Angela Chew
48 years old, Singapore
I am 52 years old and a Boutique Sales Manager, suffering from both rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis of my fingers and knees.

I had to stop work because the long hours of standing was impossible to continue with the pains.

I have been unable to continue the joy of gardening, cooking and baking cakes.

I have taken every known remedy - glucosamine, garlic, turmeric and even special expensive treatment costing thousand of dollars and there has been no relief.

Since taking Rose-Hip Vital®, my fingers have no more joint pains and I can enjoy my hobbies again and cook for the family. Overall my rheumatoid arthritis pains have been substantially reduced and I am so happy to have discovered Rose-Hip Vital®.

I have stopped taking the other remedies but faithfully take my daily dosage of Rose-Hip Vital®.

All I want to say to Rose-Hip Vital®, IT WORKS!
Boutique Manager, Singapore